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Where is kamala?

Everywhere but the border...... 

On January 20, 2021 the Biden Administration was sworn in and immediately started unraveling the strongest, safest and most secure border in our nation's history. Most Americans know that keeping our U.S border secure has been an ongoing battle for a very long time and until Biden took office serious headway had been made. This administration took executive action immediately to stop all of that by halting construction of a border wall, replacing "detain and remove" with "catch and release" and essentially sending a message to the rest of the world that our southern border is open for all to enter. Opportunistic sex traffickers, drug smugglers, coyotes and gangs are capitalizing on these new policies. Our border patrol, ICE and local law enforcement are working double time now and still have yet to even get a "thank you" from the Border Czar herself, AKA Vice President Kamala Harris, who was named the leader of tackling this surge. How can she know what resources they need or challenges they are facing if she doesn't get her feet on the ground with the men and women fighting this surge that she and Joe Biden created? 

Since Border Czar Kamala won't even show respect to our border agents by communicating or visiting with them we have designed some shirts so you can show your support for the men and women in uniform on the front lines of our southern border. We will be adding more stuff soon. 

The goal here is to show support, gain awareness of this crisis and this "leader's" failure to act, reinstate the Trump administration's illegal entry policies and ultimately curb the black market businesses of coyotes, drug cartels and human traffickers while keeping our borders secure.

Thank you for supporting secure U.S borders and our U.S border agents and law enforcement. Kamala and Joe certainly aren't.  


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